Our Projects

Banking, insurance, finance

Collector agency "PRISTAV"  - Collection company.

The implementation project of cleaning and data deduplication.

"Absolut Bank" ("KBC" group) - Credit Products factory (CPF)

JSC «Gazprombank» - Department of Banking Information Technologys

ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria (Russia) - Department of development and operation of a data warehouse

Bank "Vozrojdenie" - Managing for corporate activities.

CB "Открытие" - Department of Risk Analysis.
Project implementation SAS solution for credit scoring and management of retail loan portfolio.

MDM Bank - Department of analytical information, develop a data warehouse.
The project to create an integrated data warehouse for retail.

National Bank Trust
(NB Trust)

Tinkoff Credit Systems


OTEGLOBE S.A. - Telecommunication Company (Greece).
The project is the introduction of revenue assurance (Revenue Assurance)

COMSTAR - United TeleSystems - telecom operator
The project is the introduction of revenue assurance (Revenue Assurance)

AO Kazakhtelecom, the national telecom carrier of Kazakhstan
The project is the introduction of key indicators of the industry.

governmental organizations and transport

RZD (National railways)- Department of Social Development

Ministry of Finance of theof the Republic of of Kazakhstan - Tax Committee