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Main Areas


Irbicon company provides full-cycle service on software development and deployment. It also includes requirements analysis, detailed architecture design, coding, testing and support of the software.

Main competence areas:

Implemented in the company Irbicon Software Development Process  based on the international standards allows us to make precise estimations of project time and budget. The main advantages to our clients are cost reduction due to fixed-price model at reasonable rates and reduction of risks associated with internal software development process.

Work Process

Irbicon company uses Irbicon Software Development Process (ASDP) based on the quality standard ISO 9000 which main positions have been adopted taking Irbicon developers real experience into account.

The development technology includes a set of procedures and manuals that are obligatory for all project participants and that describes all necessary technological processes of software development.

The first group of technological processes includes management processes:

  • Project management (including planning, reporting, risk management)
  • Change management (including change notifications, estimation of changes influence on the project, change control)
  • Quality management (including testing software conformance to industry standards )
  • Project environment Management (maintaining uniform database of design documents and code, use of novel technologies. etc.)

The second group of technological processes describes software development. It includes such streams as:

  • Requirements analysis & specification
  • Design
  • Development and testing
  • Interaction with the customer

    Irbicon company uses requirements-driven, end-product-focused iterative model of technological process of development that is divided into following basic phases:

  • Predesign phase
  • Requirements analysis & specification
  • Development and testing
  • Deployment

    Each phase provides customer with certain deliverables:

  • Project offer (the contract and the plan of the project)
  • Customer requirements specification
  • Functional specification
  • Detailed specification
  • Software source code
  • Software
  • Documentation (user guide, administration guide, etc.)

Using of the described technology allows Irbicon company to develop the software that meets customer requirements, within planned time and budget, at high quality level.

Effectiveness of this technology is proven by large number of successful projects for customers from different countries.